Happy New Year 2016 – नमो पंच कृष्ण अवतार ‪#‎dandvatpranam‬

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016
नमो पंच कृष्ण अवतार

सोचा किसी अपने से बात करे 
 अपने किसी को याद करे 
किया जो फैसला नए साल कि शुभकामनाये देने का 
 दिल ने कहा क्यों न शुरुआत आपसे करे 
नए साल 2016 कि शुभकामनाये ।

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Vāsudeva Shree Krishna

Vāsudeva Shree Krishna

Krishna, the meaning of the word in Sanskrit is all-attractive.
He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, also called as God of gods. In other words, Krishna is the Godhead because He is all-attractive.

From practical experience we can observe that one is attractive due to 
(1) Wealth, 
(2) Power, 
(3) Fame, 
(4) Beauty, 
(5) Wisdom and 
(6) Renunciation 

One who is in possession of all six of these opulences at the same time and who possesses them to an unlimited degree is understood to be the Supreme Personality of Godhead according to Parasara Muni a great Vedic authority.
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