Shri Govind Prabhu throw segule budde towards Haripaldev and said you are my Chakradhar, you are Chakrahya, my Chakra #DandvatPranam


🙏 Dandvat Pranam 🙏

Jai Shri Chakradhar Swami; Shri Prabhu Darshan:
As guards got up from their sleep they started searching Prince Haripaldev, but they couldn’t find him. By getting the news of Haripaldev has been lost, Vishaldev, father of Haripaldev started searching him all over but they fail to find him. Haripaldev took every step in an undisclosed direction.

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Varshik Utsav on 5th, 6th and 7th August 2016 at Jai Krishni Mandir – Virginia US #dandvatpranam


../\.. Dandvat Pranam ../\..

As on the coming month of the August 2016, Jai Krishni Mandir – Virginia US is organizing an event for all the Mahanubhav Panth members living there in US. The event is planed as below.

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Leela of Lord Krishna with Kumbar of the bondage of 84 Lack Yoonis #dandvatpranam


Jai Shree Krishna ../\..

As all of us know. Lord Krishna did numbers of Leelayen with the Gopis. Krishna steal butter churn from Gopiya and Gopiya do complaint with Maiya Yasodha. It has happened many times. Still Lord Krishna continue in his way.

Once upon a time Yashoda Maiya were fed with the complaints of Lord Krishna and she ran behind the lord with a stick. When the Lord saw her in anger, Prabhu ran to his rescue.
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