Brahmvidya Shastra and Nav Prakaran to learn the four elements Ishwar, Devta, Jeev & Prapanch #DandvatPranam


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Brahmvidya Shastra, It is a collection of main vachans (sutras) of Swami Shree Chakardhara and presents the philosophical core of Mahanubhav Pantha. Very well planned and carefully organized into various sections, it is revered as our Shastra mop Parmeshwar (God in the form of scripture).

Compiled with great care and understanding (in 1290) by the knowledgeable Keshav Vyas Suri from amongst 1500 episodes in the sacred source book Leela Charitra, is the second sacred book Brahmvidya Shastra.

The Brahmvidya Shastra gives minute details of four elements (Char Paddarths- Ishwar, Devta, Jeev & Prapanch), Gods and the varied knowledge, way and source of attaining them. Nav Prakaran means nine chapters. Excluding the background chapter of Poorvi (+ Panch Krishna and Panch Naam)

Nav Prakaran

🚩 Anya Vyavriti – अन्य व्यावृति (देवता पदार्थ)
🚩 Yug Dharma – युगधर्म
🚩 Vidya Marg – विद्या मार्ग
🚩 Sanhaar – संहार (प्रलय)
🚩 Sansaran – संसरण (रचना)
🚩 Udharan – उद्धरण
🚩 Mahavakya – महावाक्य
🚩 Nirvachan – निर्वचन
🚩 Astipari – असतिपरि

Other parts of Brahmvidya are Vichar Prakaran and Achar Prakaran. There are 285 sutras under Vichar Prakaran and 289 sutras under Achar Prakaran.

Keshav Vyas Suri also selected from Leela Charitra 114 drishtants (illustrations) which were narrated by Swami to elaborate some deep philosophical thought. If this is included, Nav Prakaran becomes Dasham Prakaran.

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