Prabhu Shree Chakarapani Ji sacrificed for the sake of hat yogini Kamakhya #DandvatPranam


🙏 Dandvat Pranam 🙏

In the village called Kauli, there was a hut elf hat yogini Kamakhya. She had disposed many sadhu saints from her ascension and with her beauty and her gestures. On hearing the power and capacitation of Shree Chakarapani Maharaj Ji she too reached there.

With her appearance and colours of beauty, she tried lord to attracted toward herself. Prabhu Ji was in celibacy and inside the cave, Prabhu Ji was in the meditation mode. She was trying to enter the cave, but she can’t because she was tied to the oath of Shree Dattatreya. From outside the cave, she was doing a lot of praise & tried to distract the lord.

She tried thousand times but Prabhu Ji hasn’t given up. Similarly, the thing was going and this is the seventh day. Now, in the end, Shri Chakarapani Ji gave up his body with Yoga power. On the seventh day, she entered the cave and saw that the Lord had left his body. At the end, she praised the Prabhu Ji and said she successfully distracted & deployed many types of Maha Purakhs & saints from their path, but the Prabhu Shree Chakarapani Ji was strong enough and he gave up his body.

🙏 जय श्री चक्रपाणि महाराज 🙏

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