Shree Govind Prabhu Jayanti on 14th Sep 2016 and The Kashi of Mahanubhav cult followers #DandvatPranam


../\.. Dandvat Pranam ../\..

SHREE GOVINDPRABHU RAJMATH(Ridhapur) is situated in the Morshi Taluka in Amravati District on the Chandur Bazar- Morshi Road. On the coming 14th September, the Mahanubhava Pantha is having the great event for the Shree Govind Prabhu Jayanti. As we all know that the Govind Prabhu Ji the fourth avatar of the Mahanubhava Pantha. Digging the history, the construction of the temple begins in 1947 during the time of independence. Here is the one of a picture of the construction time.

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