Shree Astamasiddhi Devasthan Vihir Pur, Charanankit sthans of two parmeshwar avatar #DandvatPranam


🙏 Dandvat Pranam 🙏

Astamasiddhi Devasthan is the Charanankit Stan of Shri Govind Prabhu and Sarvadnya Shri Chakradhar Swami. At this holy place there are two Charanankit sthans, one is charanankit by Shree Gundam Raul Prabju Ji and other is by Sarvadnya Shri Chakradhar Swami Ji.

This place is also called as “Vihir Pur” (विहीरपूर) since here exists an ancient well with Holy water. It is said that the water of this well have some magical impulse. On taking bath here you will get rid of your disease and it will make the body healthy. The healing, curing power of the water is the blessing of Parmeshwar. Thousands of people visit here and take the holy bath here. People across the states and cities come here for the pilgrimage.

Sarvadnya Shri Chakradhar Swami Ji spent 3 nights here in a tent and then went to Achalpur as requested by Ramdarna Raja. From Ridhhapur it is at about 30KM.

Address of temple

Astamasiddhi Devasthan Temple
Vihir Pur,
4KM from the Paratwada town,
Paratwada-Amravati Road, 
District: Amravati, State: Maharashtra, India

🙏 जय श्री चक्रधर 🙏

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