Sarvadnya Shree Chakradhar Swami told his disciples that the lord takes avatars in all four yugas #DandvatPranam


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Sarvadnya Shree Chakradhar Swami told his disciples that the lord takes avatars in all four yugas (same was said by Lord Shree Krishna in Bhagavad Gita: “Dharma Sansthaapnaarthay Sambhavaami Yuge Yuge”).

Accordingly, there is not a time in this world when an avatar is absent. But The Supreme Lord Shree Chakradhar Swami told of only five of the innumerable avatars,

These 5 avatars are:
1. Shree Krishna Chakravati Prabhu
2. Shree Dattatreya Prabhu
3. Shree Chakrapani Prabhu
4. Shree Govind Prabhu
5. Sarvadnya Shree Chakrdhar Swami (himself).

Even knowing of one avatar, and walking on the path lightened by him, can lead to the ultimate bliss (moksha). There were only five, because these avatars fell in the Guru Parampara. Govind Prabhu was the guru of Shree Chakradhar Swami. Shree Chakrapani Prabhu was the guru of Shree Govindaprabhu. Shree Dattatreya Prabhu was the guru of Shree Chakrapani Prabhu. Shree Dattatreya Prabhu and Shree Krishna are not said to have another avatar as Guru.

Lord biography Leela Charitra, written by his disciple Mahimbhatta, is one of the first known books or documents in Marathi. This scripture is said to contain all the secrets of the universe. ‘Mahdaaisa’, one of the sect’s initial women disciples, is believed to be the first Marathi poetess.

Sarvadnya Shree Chakradhar Swami accepted Maharashtra as his Karmabhoomi as this place had Adhikaari Purush that time. Hence Maharashtra has many teertha sthaan (holy places) of Mahanubhav Pantha.

Sarvadnya Shree Chakradhar Swami considered Maharashtra for his work because of Adhikari Jivas, mainly: Nagdev Acharya, Mhaibhatta, Baisa, Mahadaisa. This Pantha is a pantha of Parameshwara (God). Parameshwara, who incarnated in every one of the Yugas. There are four Yugas.

These four Yugas are:
1. Kruta yuga: Hans avatar (incarnation)
2. Treta Yuga : Dattatreya Prabhu (incarnation)
3. Dwapar Yuga: (Bhagavan Krishna)
4. Kali yuga: (3 avatars, namely: Shree Chakrapani Maharaj, Shree Govind Prabhu Maharaj, Sarvadnya Shree Chakradhar Swami)

Out of all five avatars, two avatars are still present on earth, namely: Shree Dattatreya Prabhu and Shree Chakradhar Swami. The Jiv-Udharana (Moksha) is still given by these two avatars. The dnyan or knowledge of the god is called “Bramhavidya”, which is given by Hans avatar in Kruta yuga in treta by Shree Dattatreya Prabhu. In Dwapar Yuga by Shree Krishna and in Kaliyuga by Sarvadnya Shree Chakradhara Swami.

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Thanks to Heena Bhatia: (source of information)