Shri Chakarapani Prabhu’s – Shri Abasaheb Temple Phaltan #DandvatPranam

Shri Chakarapani Prabhu Temple

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Mahasthan Shri Abasaheb Temple. This temple is popularly known as “Shri Abasaheb Temple” at Phaltan, Maharashtra. In earlier times, this was the home of “Rambhaisa” [रंभाइसा]. “Rambhaisa” who was the stepmother of Shri Chakrapani Prabhu Maharaj and she was the sister of Chakrapani Prabhu’s real mother “Janakaisa” [जनकाइसा].
Rambhaisa brought Shri Chakrapani Prabhu at her home when Prabhuji was just of 1 year old.

Shri Chakrapani Prabhuji stayed at this place for around 10 years.
Renovation of this temple was made using red/pink stones and this is one of the beautiful temple of Mahanubhav Pantha temples. This is Charanankit Sthan [चरणांकित स्थान] of Shri Chakarapani Maharaj.

Shree Chakrapani Maharaj was a great saint in the Bhakti tradition in Hinduism and his teachings inspired in the formation of Mahanubhav sect.

Tirath Sthal

Some of the images of Charanankit Sthan of Shri Chakarapani Maharaj

Charanankit Sthan [चरणांकित स्थान] of Shri Chakarapani Maharaj




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