Story behind the Shree Sarvatirth Temple, Ridhapur #DandvatPranam


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Since we all know about the Shree Rajmath Ridhapur popularly known as The Kashi of Mahanubhav cult. Shree Rajmath Tirath(Ridhapur) is situated in the Morshi Taluka in Amravati District on the Chandur Bazar- Morshi Road. Shree Sarvatirth Temple located at the backside of Rajmath Tirath. Although it’s not a Charankit Sthan of Prabhu Ji but it’s is Mandalik Sthan. There is a story behind this.

During the 13th century, there was a Sant Rajbas. He is very conscious about his routine & he always uses to take food after the pilgrimage of all the Sthans of Shree Ridhapur. Growing with the time & at the older age and illness, he takes 3-4 days to complete pilgrimage of all the Sthans.

One day conditions were too worst, Sant Rajbas had a dream of Prabhu Ji. Shree Gundam Raul Prabhu Ji delivered him a message that “Collect all the Vishesh from all the Sthans & then bring them under one shelter, there you can do your rituals easily”. From that time the area is called as the Shree Sarvatirth Temple.

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