Brahmavidya Shashtar: Understand this, Adopt this and finally Remember and recall all the times

Brahmavidya Shashtar: Understand this, Adopt this and finally Remember and recall all the times
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In any person’s mind, if there is a strong will to know the very tiny and vast theory of knowledge. Then that jeev must start the Brahmavidya Shashtar from the very beginning and with strong desire. This is the original principle of attaining the pure knowledge.
Respect the divine guru who is the medium and the part of the process, then adopt his culture, his rituals and his behaviour. Pray every day and every time to Parmeshwar. Then after, jeev is in the position to know the actual theory of knowledge, the cause behind this and the process.
Opposite to this, jeev who is full of haughtiness, involved in the other process, keeping sidestream and portraying the fake spirituality is unable to understand this theory of knowledge.
Swami Shree Chakardhara said: मराठी: घेईजे, घोकिजे, मग काळे करौनि उपयोगा जाय | (आचार – 145)
हिंदी: प्रारंभ में इसे समझना चाहिए, अपनाना चाहिए, इसे बार बार याद करना चाहिए, फिर बादमे यही जीवन में उपयोगी सिद्ध होता है | इसलिए ज्ञान प्रपात करने के वाद उसे अवश्य याद करना चाहिए | (आचार – 145)
English: First of all understand this, then adopt this, then the latter becomes useful in life and finally remember and recall all the times.
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Why Shree Ridhapur is called the Kashi of Mahanubhav or Parmeshwarpur
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Shree Ridhapur called the Parmeshwarpur or the Kashi of Mahanubhav. Ridhapur situated at the Morshi of Amravati district in the Maharashtra state of India. Very well known for the leelas of Prabhu Shree Gundam Raul ji. Shree Prabhu ji has spent here 119 years and there are numbers of leelas by which we can remember the Prabhu ji.
In a daily ritual, Prabhu ji use to provide bliss to 60 jeevas. Prabhu ji saves the living beings from this illusionary world. Birth place of Prabhu ji was Matul Gram and the parents were Anantnayak (father) and Nameisa (mother).
Sacredness of Shree Ridhapur Describing the sacredness of Shree Ridhapur, Swami Shree Chakardhara said: “तेथे जाता पाऊल पाऊला गोमटे” a word of Marathi. This means that “श्री रिद्धपुर क्षेत्र एक तीरथ है, वहां जाने के बाद हर एक कदम पर पुण्य प्राप्त होता है” – Shree Ridhapur area is a sacred, after going there, virtue is attained at every step. That’s why Shree Ridhapur is known as the Kashi of Mahanubhav or Parmeshwarpur.
Swami Shree Chakardhara Ji said to the first Acharya Shri Nagdev ji that, Remembering the Leela of the holy place (Sathan) and making dandvat to the place is the way to get the love of Parmeshwar Shree Govind Prabhu ji.
Yuga (Era) - Kaliyuga
Birth Place - Katsur, Amaravati, Maharashtra
Birth Time - 11.00 PM
Birth Day - Thursday
Kind of Birth - By Birth, Son of Nemaisa and Ananta Nayak
Main Disciples - Mahim Bhat , Lakshmindra Bhat , Kothloba and Abaisa

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Shree Chakardhara Swami ji said By doing the Seva-Dasya-Bhajan-Pujan of these four means Sthan-Prasad-Bhikshuk-Vasnik you can outreach me
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It is very necessary to remember and recall the name of Prabhu ji according to the rituals as explained in the Bhramvidya Shashtra. Take the silent place and do the smaran there. While remembering the Prabhu ji, you must be directly associated to the god. Try to remember the way in which you can actually feel the things happening during that time. Flashback the things as they are going now.
It is proven that Smaran is the only way to get closer to the ultimate spirit called Lord. While doing the smaran, remember that your posture must be straight and your eyes must be half closed and pointing towards straight. Buzz in the little louder sound, such that your body can feel the positive vibes of that word. The best time to do the smaran is in-between 03:00AM to 06:00AM.
Shree Chakardhara Swami ji usually says “Wake early in the morning” – “पश्चात प्रहरी उठीजे” A leela associated to the Shree Chakardhara Swami Ji: While proceeding to the north direction, all the pantha members were very sad and they asked Prabhu ji in very sad, depressed and weeping tone “Swami, where we will go in your remembrance. How do we do it?”
Then Swami ji replied: Naam, Leela and Murti Cheshta, remembring the lord in these way and doing the Seva-Dasya-Bhajan-Pujan of these four means Sthan-Prasad-Bhikshuk-Vasnik you can outreach me. After giving direction Prabhuji appointed Nagdev Aacharya for the Seva of Panhta (Mahanubhav Pantha) and leaved for the north.
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