Mahasthan Sarpadwaypathan Sthan, when two snakes had fallen on the Sarvadnya Shree Chakradhar Swami Ji

Mahasthan Sarpadwaypathan Sthan, when two snakes had fallen on the Sarvadnya Shree Chakradhar Swami Ji
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Mahasthan Sarpadwaypathan Sthan (Wadner-Bhujang) सर्पद्वयपतन स्थान (वडनेर-भुजंग) as all of the Mahanuvhava Panth members know that Sarpadwaypathan Sthan is the one of the Mahasthan in our culture. Sarpadwaypathan Sthan is at the north direction of the Anjangaon – Kakada road at Wadner-Bhujang village. The leela is explained below.
Bhagwan Sarvadnya Shree Chakradhar Swami Ji came from Achapur town via Katesokarne to Wadner village. Swami Ji came here at evening time. Sawami Ji was going to Wateshwar temple to have a sleep. At the same time, the Priest was returning from the temple after the worship. The Priest told Sarvadnya that the temple has been locked to save the ornaments from the theft, so he asked Sarvadnya that he can sleep at the Uttareshwar temple opposite side of the road.
So Swami Ji came at this temple. There were 2 snakes living at the temple who were bitter enemies to each other. At mid night, when Sarvadnya was in between sleep snakes were fighting with each other. Suddenly both of them had fallen on Swami Ji’s chest while fighting with each other. Then Sarvadnya held those 2 snakes in both the hands and make them apart by throwing the Snake at right side to the left and the snake at Left side to the Right. Since that time, those 2 snakes stayed there leaving all the hate and disputes.
At this Mahasthan temple, there is a beautiful idol of Sarvandnya Shree Chakradhar Swami Ji holding the two snakes in both the hands.
Sarvadnya Shri Chakradhar Temple Sarpadway Patan Sthan, Anjangaon - Kakada Road,
Village: Wadner-Bhujang, Block: Achalpur,
District: Amravati, State: Maharashtra, India

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Why we serve 56 types of cuisines to Lord Shree Krishna
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Why we serve 56 types of cuisines to Lord Shree Krishna.
Great glory is behind this. For these 56 types of cuisines, the fifty-six is called enjoyment. The enjoyment starts with yoghurt dumplings, rice, whole, papad and this ends with the last element of bhog as cardamom.
It is also said that Maiya Yashoda Ji use to serve eight times food in a day to the Bala Krishna. Here is the story of the 56 type of cuisines bhog or 56 bhog.
To protect the Govardhana parvat from the wrath of Indra, Lord Shree Krishna lifted up the Govardhana for the seven consecutive days without the food and water. Shree Krishna just stood beneath the Parvat and all the people of the village are under the parvat. On eight day, when Lord Shree Krishna said, rain is over now you can go outside. All the people of the village are feeling sad for the thing that Bal Krishna survived for the 7 days without any food for the sake of villages. They are speechless and overwhelmed with the feeling towards Bala Krishna. Then the Maiya Yasodha and the villagers just decided to make happy Lord Krishna with the 56 bhogs and show their love to the lord.
The logic behind the 56 bhog is: 7 Days and 8 times food serving in a day (7 day X 8 times bhog = 56 bhog)
According to Shrimad Bhagwat Githa, Gopikaon does not only dawn to bathe in the Yamuna, even they desired to receive the husband like the Nand Kumar Bala Krishna. Lord Krishna consented to the fulfillment of their wishes. To mark the end of fasting and wishes to complete, the served the Lord with 56 bhog.
There are 6 bhog and 56 Sakhian enjoyment… It is also said that Lord Krishna and Radhika are living on a sacred lotus in Gulok. Behind the speciality of rose, there is a fact also. The first layer consists of three layers of lotus “eight”, the second in “sixteen” and third in “thirty-two petals”. On the each petal there is a Sakhi residing and in the middle of these petals lord is residing. Thus the total number of petals is 56. This is the meaning of the number 56.
These 56 types of cuisines to Lord Shree Krishna are as below:
1. भक्त (भात) 2. सूप (दाल) 3. प्रलेह (चटनी) 4. सदिका (कढ़ी)
5. दधिशाकजा (दही शाक की कढ़ी) 6. सिखरिणी (सिखरन) 7. अवलेह (शरबत) 8. बालका (बाटी)
9. इक्षु खेरिणी (मुरब्बा) 10. त्रिकोण (शर्करा युक्त) 11. बटक (बड़ा) 12. मधु शीर्षक (मठरी)
13. फेणिका (फेनी) 14. परिष्टïश्च (पूरी) 15. शतपत्र (खजला) 16. सधिद्रक (घेवर)
17. चक्राम (मालपुआ) 18. चिल्डिका (चोला) 19. सुधाकुंडलिका (जलेबी) 20. धृतपूर (मेसू)
21. वायुपूर (रसगुल्ला) 22. चन्द्रकला (पगी हुई) 23. दधि (महारायता) 24. स्थूली (थूली)
25. कर्पूरनाड़ी (लौंगपूरी) 26. खंड मंडल (खुरमा) 27. गोधूम (दलिया) 28. परिखा
29. सुफलाढय़ा (सौंफ युक्त) 30. दधिरूप (बिलसारू) 31. मोदक (लड्डू) 32. शाक (साग)
33. सौधान (अधानौ अचार) 34. मंडका (मोठ) 35. पायस (खीर) 36. दधि (दही)
37. गोघृत 38. हैयंगपीनम (मक्खन) 39. मंडूरी (मलाई) 40. कूपिका (रबड़ी)
41. पर्पट (पापड़) 42. शक्तिका (सीरा) 43. लसिका (लस्सी) 44. सुवत
45. संघाय (मोहन) 45. संघाय (मोहन) 47. सिता (इलायची) 48. फल
49. तांबूल 50. मोहन भोग 51. लवण 52. कषाय
53. मधुर 54. तिक्त 55. कटु 56. अम्ल

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Because regulation is essential to practice of religion
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We should try to meet regularly with other aspiring devotees of Shree Chakradhar Swami #DandvatPranam
Mahanubhav Pantha one of the ancient Pantha. Mahanubhav Pantha worships 5 avatars of Lord called Pancha Krisnas Avatars. Pantha means the path or the way. The Mahanubhav Pantha leads you the way which guides you to live a meaningful life with the grace of God.
The places visited by Prabhu Ji Shri Chakradhar Swami during his travel for propagation of the Pantha are known as the Teertha Sthan (Holy Places of our Pantha) and the place where Shri Chakradhar Swami have taken stay and slept over there are know as the Charanankit Sthan (The places having the influence of Lords feet).
To learn the values of the Pantha, every body must practice and chant the name of Lord; do Dev Pooja; attend the Panch Avatar Avsars; share with one another the vales of Spiritual Life.
Mahanubhav pantha has accepted and propagated the very advanced, realistic and practical Principles and Tatawas from the ancient time. The followers of Mahanubhav Pantha are expected to follow the principles of the Pantha. The principles of Mahanubhav Pantha are very simple and are easy to follow in today’s modern and fast life style. Mahanubhavi’s believe and exclusively worships only One Permeshwar, the real God.
Because regulation is essential to practice of religion (Dharm), we should try to meet regularly with other aspiring devotees of Shree Chakradhar Swami. The spontaneous devotional practice, which can mature into pure love of Shree Chakradhar Swami, the Parmeshwar.

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