Place and time of birth of our five incarnations of Mahanubhav Pantha

Place and time of birth of our five incarnations of Mahanubhav Pantha
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Place and time of birth of our five incarnations of Mahanubhav or Jai Krishni Pantha.
Sarvadnya Shree Chakradhar Swami told to his pantha that the lord takes avatars in all four Yugas (Krutayuga, Tretayuga, Dwaparyuga, Kaliyuga). Same was said by Shree Krishna in Shree Bhagavad Gita: “Dharma Sansthaapnaarthay Sambhavaami Yuge Yuge”. Accordingly, there is not a time in this world when an avatar is absent.
Jai Krishni Pantha teaches that Krishna is the only God in Universe.
The Five incarnations of God knows as Pancha Krishna or Five Krishnas or Namo Panch Krishna Avatar:
1. Lord Shree Krishna Maharaj - Place of birth: Mathura detention (Prison) Uttar Pradesh
- Time of birth: Shravan Krishna paksha eighth night at 12 pm (Wednesday)
2. Lord Shree Dattatreya Maharaj - Place of birth: Bdrikashram Uttrakhand (Himalayas)
- Time of birth: Margshis Shukla Chaturdashi at 4 AM (Friday)
3. Lord Shree Chakrapani Maharaj - Place of birth: Phalatan district Satara (Maharashtra)
- Time of birth: Asivan ninth waning at 5 am (Thursday)
4. Lord Shree Govind Prabhu - Place of birth: Katsur Ridhpur (Maharashtra)
- Time of birth: 10 pm Tryodshi Bhadrapad Shukla (Tuesday)
5. Sarvadnya Shree Chakradhar Swami - Place of birth : Bharuch, (Gujarat)
- Birth Time : 2 pm second Bhadrapad Shukla (Friday)

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Shri Govind Prabhu throw segule budde towards Haripaldev and said you are my Chakradhar, you are Chakrahya, my Chakra
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Jai Shri Chakradhar Swami; Shri Prabhu Darshan: As guards got up from their sleep they started searching Prince Haripaldev, but they couldn’t find him. By getting the news of Haripaldev has been lost, Vishaldev, father of Haripaldev started searching him all over but they fail to find him. Haripaldev took every step in an undisclosed direction.
It was twenty fifth day since Haripaldev had left Bharauch. Haripaldev came to the principal town of Rudhapur (Ridhpur) which was dwelling place of another Ishwari Avtaar, Shri Govind Prabhu Maharaj.
As it was before mentioned, that Shri Prabhu was fourth Ishwari Avtaar in Mahanubhav Panth (Jai Krishni Pantha).
Shri Prabhu had taken incarnation by replacing a yet to be born child from the womb of mother Nemaisa; and that child had some physical and mental infirmities and abnormalities. Shri Prabhu adopted all this features. Due to this, it was complex to understand Shri Prabhu, but who comprehend his true form, became his lifelong Bhaktas. Shri Prabhu performed many Miracle by giving life to the dead, good fortune to deprived ones and shelter to the destitute. Shri Prabhu also send lowly creatures such as insects to the highest level of attainment.
Once Shri Prabhu left Rudhapur, that year no rain takes place in Rudhapur. While moving around in the streets of Rudhapur, Haripaldev came to market place known as Randhwan Haat (the market of Sweet). At that place, Haripaldev got attracted by the divine presence of Shri Prabhu. Haripaldev saw Shri Prabhu smiling, grey beard and hair, half-clad and face having wheaten complexion with fair radiance. His eyes were half open and eyeball gazing towards the sky. Left small finger having slight blend. Haripaldev paid respects to Shri Prabhu by bowing before him with folded hand known as Namaskar (Dandvat Pranam). He chanted glory for him. Then he stood aside and watched Shri Prabhu acts of benevolence. A large gathering of devotees had surrounded Shri Prabhu who was enjoying some local food preparation known as Segule Budde.
Suddenly Haripaldev heard Shri Prabhu saying, “Take it, don’t take, yes take it, oh, take it” and Shri Prabhu throw Segule Budde towards Haripaldev. By this, Haripaldev grabbed Segule Budde by both his hands and he bowed again towards Shri Prabhu. Both the Avtaar (Prince Haripaldev in form of Dwaravati Shri Changdev Raul / Shri Chakrapani Maharaj and other side Shri Govind Prabhu / Shri Prabhu / Shri Gundam Raul himself) looked intensely at each other. Meeting of eyes produced a Miracle. Shri Prabhu came towards Haripaldev and kept his hand on Haripaldev forehead and said, “You are my Chakradhar”, you are Chakrahya, my Chakra.

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Sarvadnya Shree Chakradhar Swami told his disciples that the lord takes avatars in all four yugas
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Sarvadnya Shree Chakradhar Swami told his disciples that the lord takes avatars in all four yugas (same was said by Lord Shree Krishna in Bhagavad Gita: “Dharma Sansthaapnaarthay Sambhavaami Yuge Yuge”).
Accordingly, there is not a time in this world when an avatar is absent. But The Supreme Lord Shree Chakradhar Swami told of only five of the innumerable avatars,
These 5 avatars are: 1. Shree Krishna Chakravati Prabhu
2. Shree Dattatreya Prabhu
3. Shree Chakrapani Prabhu
4. Shree Govind Prabhu
5. Sarvadnya Shree Chakrdhar Swami (himself)
Even knowing of one avatar, and walking on the path lightened by him, can lead to the ultimate bliss (moksha). There were only five, because these avatars fell in the Guru Parampara. Govind Prabhu was the guru of Shree Chakradhar Swami. Shree Chakrapani Prabhu was the guru of Shree Govindaprabhu. Shree Dattatreya Prabhu was the guru of Shree Chakrapani Prabhu. Shree Dattatreya Prabhu and Shree Krishna are not said to have another avatar as Guru.
Lord biography Leela Charitra, written by his disciple Mahimbhatta, is one of the first known books or documents in Marathi. This scripture is said to contain all the secrets of the universe. ‘Mahdaaisa’, one of the sect’s initial women disciples, is believed to be the first Marathi poetess.
Sarvadnya Shree Chakradhar Swami accepted Maharashtra as his Karmabhoomi as this place had Adhikaari Purush that time. Hence Maharashtra has many teertha sthaan (holy places) of Mahanubhav Pantha.
Sarvadnya Shree Chakradhar Swami considered Maharashtra for his work because of Adhikari Jivas, mainly: Nagdev Acharya, Mhaibhatta, Baisa, Mahadaisa. This Pantha is a pantha of Parameshwara (God). Parameshwara, who incarnated in every one of the Yugas. There are four Yugas.
These four Yugas are: 1. Kruta yuga: Hans avatar (incarnation)
2. Treta Yuga : Dattatreya Prabhu (incarnation)
3. Dwapar Yuga: (Bhagavan Krishna)
4. Kali yuga: (3 avatars, namely: Shree Chakrapani Maharaj, Shree Govind Prabhu Maharaj, Sarvadnya Shree Chakradhar Swami)
Out of all five avatars, two avatars are still present on earth, namely: Shree Dattatreya Prabhu and Shree Chakradhar Swami. The Jiv-Udharana (Moksha) is still given by these two avatars. The dnyan or knowledge of the god is called “Bramhavidya”, which is given by Hans avatar in Kruta yuga in treta by Shree Dattatreya Prabhu. In Dwapar Yuga by Shree Krishna and in Kaliyuga by Sarvadnya Shree Chakradhara Swami.

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