Shree Datta is a Hindu deity considered to be an avatar of Hindu god Shree Krishna

Shree Datta is a Hindu deity considered to be an avatar of Hindu god Shree Krishna
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Shree Dattatreya or Shree Datta is a Hindu deity considered to be an avatar of Hindu god Shree Krishna, known as Shree Dattatreya.The name Dattatreya is composed of two words - “Datta” (meaning given) and “Atreya”, referring to the sage Atri, his physical father.
Various Hindu sects worship him differently, though Shree Dattatreya is considered a form of all the three deities. He is especially considered an avatar of Vishnu while his siblings the moon-god Chandra and the sage Durvasa are regarded as forms of Brahma and Shiva respectively. However, spiritual seekers pray to this Supreme Teacher for knowledge of the Absolute Truth. Hindu theology, credits Dattatreya as the author of the Tripura Rahasya given to Parashurama, a treatise on Advaita Vedanta. He is specially worshipped on his birthday, Datta Jayanti.

Shree Dattatreya traditions
  • Puranic tradition
  • Mahanubhav tradition
  • Shri Gurucharitra tradition
  • Sakalmat Sampradaya tradition
  • Avadhut Panth tradition
  • Shri Dattpith Sansthan Pathri

One who is in possession of all six of these opulences at the same time and who possesses them to an unlimited degree is understood to be the Supreme Personality of Godhead according to Parasara Muni a great Vedic authority.
Shree Dattatreya was born to the sage Atri, who had been promised by Parameshvara (the Almighty), that He, Parameshvara, would be incarnated as his son. Some Hindu sects familiar with the trinity also attribute Shree Dattatreya's incarnation as of all the three- Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma, indirectly meaning to be all powerful and above all. This is just one of the many legends related to the birth of Lord Dattatreya. Others suggest a more mystical origin of Shree Dattatreya. Some of the sources claim that he was born in Kashmir jungles near the sacred Amarnath.
Appearance Puranic traditionमालाकमंडलुरधः करपद्मयुग्मे, मध्यस्थ पाणियुगुले डमरूत्रिशूले
यस्यस्त उर्ध्वकरयोः शुभशंखचक्रे वंदे तमत्रिवरदं भुजषटकयुक्तम
I bow to the one who has six hands and whose lowest two hands have maalaa and kamandalu, middle pair of hands hold damaru and trishool and top two hands have holy Shankh and Chakra) Other depictions, however, show other weapons like 'Gada' in the hands of Dattatreya sometimes
Names of Shri Datta & their meanings:🚩 Datta >> Datta is one who has been bestowed with the spiritual experience of the nirgun? (Nonmaterialised), meaning, the one who has been given the experience that the 'Self' is Brahman (God in His aspect as the Creator of the universe) or mukta (Liberated) self or the soul.
🚩 Avadhut >> One whose (spiritual) ignorance has been dispelled with spiritual knowledge, meaning, the one who emancipates all.
🚩 Dattatreya >> This word is derived from Datta and Atreya. The meaning of 'Datta' has already been explained above. 'Atreya' means the son of Sage Atri.
🚩 Digambar >> Is the principle which gives company to an embodied soul till it gets Final Liberation in the radiance of the sky, i.e. beyond all the directions.
🚩 Shripad >> 'Shri' is the never-ending principle of God. The principle that takes an embodied soul to that principle of God or to the Holy Feet of 'Shri' principle, is the Datta principle in Shripad.
🚩 Vallabh >> The Datta principle in the form of Vallabh protects the Universe from the circular-shaped negative energies that create fear psychosis, and thus protects the embodied souls.

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