Shree Dattatreya: My bliss and contentment are the fruits of self-realization

Shree Dattatreya: My bliss and contentment are the fruits of self-realization
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Soul alone is my Guru.Once King Yadu saw Lord Dattatreya (Avadhoot) wandering in a forest happily, free from worries. The king with humbleness asked the sage, about the secret of his happiness and the name of his Guru. Further said to sage, that despite you look capable and wise, why do you live in the forest. Even though you have no family, nor any loved one, how could you be so blissful and self-contented?
To answer the Yadu’s enquired queries, the Lord Dattatreya (Avadhoot, one who have given up all worldly desires) replied:
“My bliss and contentment are the fruits of self-realization. Soul (Aatmaa) alone is my Guru, yet I have gained the necessary wisdom from the whole creation, via 24 individual who were therefore my Gurus. I shall elaborate the same for you”.
Further Lord Dattatreya said: I have taken shelter of twenty-four gurus, who are the following: the earth, air, sky, water, fire, moon, sun, pigeon and python; the sea, moth, honeybee, elephant and honey thief; the deer, the fish, the dancing girl Pingala, the kurari bird and the child; the young girl, arrow maker, serpent, spider and wasp…”
Further Lord Dattatreya explains what he has learned from his own body. “My Body teaches me Gyaan (knowledge) and Vairaagya (detachment). Birth and death are along with it. It means that if we hold on to this body then we have to bear sorrows. Although it helps to think about Tattwa (elements) still I never consider it mine.”

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Because regulation is essential to practice of religion
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We should try to meet regularly with other aspiring devotees of Shree Chakradhar Swami #DandvatPranam
Mahanubhav Pantha one of the ancient Pantha. Mahanubhav Pantha worships 5 avatars of Lord called Pancha Krisnas Avatars. Pantha means the path or the way. The Mahanubhav Pantha leads you the way which guides you to live a meaningful life with the grace of God.
The places visited by Prabhu Ji Shri Chakradhar Swami during his travel for propagation of the Pantha are known as the Teertha Sthan (Holy Places of our Pantha) and the place where Shri Chakradhar Swami have taken stay and slept over there are know as the Charanankit Sthan (The places having the influence of Lords feet).
To learn the values of the Pantha, every body must practice and chant the name of Lord; do Dev Pooja; attend the Panch Avatar Avsars; share with one another the vales of Spiritual Life.
Mahanubhav pantha has accepted and propagated the very advanced, realistic and practical Principles and Tatawas from the ancient time. The followers of Mahanubhav Pantha are expected to follow the principles of the Pantha. The principles of Mahanubhav Pantha are very simple and are easy to follow in today’s modern and fast life style. Mahanubhavi’s believe and exclusively worships only One Permeshwar, the real God.
Because regulation is essential to practice of religion (Dharm), we should try to meet regularly with other aspiring devotees of Shree Chakradhar Swami. The spontaneous devotional practice, which can mature into pure love of Shree Chakradhar Swami, the Parmeshwar.

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Gyan Shakti Savikar - When Shree Chakarapani Maharaj ji accepted the Gyan Sakti form Shree Dattatreya Prabhu ji
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It was the time when Shree Chakarapani Maharaj Ji left to Mahur, it was the Saka 1080 era. At the age of 30; Shree Chakarapani Ji made the pilgrimage to meet Shree Dattatreya Prabhu Ji since the reason behind is to receive the Avatar Shakti from Avadhot Prabhuraya.
People were climbing step by step to the Mahurgarh peak. They all were in a row. Suddenly, the people started making panic, there was a tiger behind them. But Shree Chakarapani Prabhuji fearlessly set himself in front of the tiger, because he knows Shree Dattatreya Prabhuji is in the form of the tiger.
Then Prabhu ji greeted tiger with a namaskar. Then after, The Lord Shree Dattatreya Maharaj Ji blessed him with his toe and given him the Ubhay Shakti (उभय शक्ती) and Shree Chakarapani Ji accepted the Gyan Shakti (ज्ञान शक्ती) and started the work with the Para Shakti (पराशक्ती).
ज्ञान शक्ती स्वीकार इधर श्री चक्रपाणी माहुर को आ गये, शके 1080 (इ.स.1158) उमर के 30 वे वर्ष माहुर मेँ श्री दत्तात्रेय प्रभु से मिलने के लिये, क्योकी भगवान को अवतार शक्ती स्वीकार कार्य करना था। लोग माहुर के गड (शिखर) पर चढणे लगे, श्री चक्रपाणी भी यात्रीओँ के पीछे अंतर रखकर चढ रहे थे, तभी अचानक एक जाली मेँ से (श्री दत्तात्रेय प्रभु) वाघ के रुप मेँ आरोगना करके आ गये, यात्रीगण इधर उधर भागने लगे पर श्री चक्रपाणी महाराज वही एक खडक पर बैँठ गये, और श्री चक्रपाणी प्रभु श्री दत्तात्रेय प्रभु के (वाघ) सामने बैठ कर नमस्कार कीया, तभी वाघने (श्री दत्तात्रेय प्रभु) श्री चक्रपाणी के सर पर पंजा रखकर उभय शक्ती प्रदान की, श्री चक्रपाणी राऊळ ने ज्ञान शक्ती का स्वीकार किया उसमेँ “पराशक्ती” के आच्छादन करके अवर शक्ती के कार्य सुरु कीये|

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