Sthans and presence of Parmeshwar avatar of Mahanubhav Pantha

Sthans and presence of Parmeshwar avatar of Mahanubhav Pantha
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Ubhaydarshi avatar having relation with any of the inertness and the place are sacred. These sacred place and objects have the two special forces 1. Maya Samarthya Shakti and 2. Kripa Shakti. In the Sathan the Maya Samarthya (माया सामर्थ्य) is President and the Anushangik (आनुषांगिक) is Subsidiary. But where the blessing of the god is present, where the Parmeshwar avatar (Ubhaydarshi avatar) have taken the stand for the sufficient days are having the Anushangik (आनुषांगिक) as President and Maya Samarthya (माया सामर्थ्य) as Subsidiary.
Classifications of Sthan Since the Parmeshwara avatar is having the numbers of competency, but the major one is Kripa Shakti and Kripa Shakti develops at own. The places and the Sathans are divided according to the categories of time. The time spent by the Parmeshawar avatar on the places make them the sacred places and the Sathan. In our Mahanubhav Pantha the Sathan is the one of the most sacred thing.
Aasan Sthan – आसनस्थान The sthan where the Parmeshwar avatar have taken rest for few hours. Hours may vary from 5 to 7 hours. This is the first type of Sthan. Sthan is blessed with the powers of the Parmeshwar Shakti. Making pilgrimage of the Sthan’s is the culture of Mahanubhav Pantha.
Charan Chari – चरणचारि Places where the Parmeshwar avatar have been standing without the slippers and the wooden Paduka (पादुका). There might be reasons behind this, but the footprints and the places is very sacred for the Mahanubhav Panth.
Vasti Sthan – वसति स्थान Prameshwar avatar are always on the way to help people to attain Moksha and set them free from their sins and previous Karmas. In between the time, they have taken rest for one night. This makes the Sathan as Vasti Sthan. Our Panch avatar’s are always flowing from one to another place.
Kudi Vasti – कुड़ी वसति Kudi Vasti is similar to the Vasti Sthan, the difference is that in the Vasti Sthan the time period is only one night, but the Kudi Vasti is having the one day two nights or two day two nights. This is how the Vasti Sthan and Kudi Vasti are different.
Sthan – स्थान Sthan, now here we come with the same thing but the different time period. Here the Parmeshwar avatar have slept for there to five days. The place is more sacred as compare to the Kudi Vasti. Sthan is the most common word used, but the Sthans are divided too.
Avasthan – अवस्थान Avasthan, here we have the time period of five to nine days. Here the Parmeshwar avatar blessed the sacred place with more presence.
Mahasthan – महास्थान Mahasthan, finally this is the last and the most blessed sacred place. The time period is more than the nine days, this might be 1 month, 2 months, 6 months and even in the years. The Mahasthan is where the Parmeshwar avatar have been living and making the people aware about the Bliss (Moksha) and ways to attain Moksha.
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बिना भाग्य जो वस्तु ईश्वर अवतार देते है ,
वह लिला ज्ञान कहलाता है ,
अवतार के सम्बन्ध से जो फल प्राप्त होता है वह सम्बन्धदान है ,
जोवो के कर्मों को ग्रहण कर उन्हे सीघ्रता से भुगवाने को ग्रहणा दान कहते है ,
और ईश्वर स्वरूप की प्राप्ती होना यह कैवल्यदान है ,
ईस प्रकार ईश्वर की ओर से ये चार प्रकार के दान दिये जाते है ..?
॥ दंडवत प्रणाम ॥

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Bhakti is blessed as per your Karma of previous birth
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Even person is great by his Karma not by his Birth.
Lord Shree Krishna in Shree Madbhagwad Geta said that Bhakti is blessed as per your Karma of previous birth. Even person is great by his Karma not by his Birth. Person do known by his nobleness and behavior. We are blessed with the human body such that we can make ourselves get rid of this illusionary world by devoting ourselves to lord without any greed.
Since this world is completely surrounded by the sins and uncertainity. The desire towards the happiness is the dark part of knowledge. To remove this darkest part from each and every mind, In the todays world we all need to spread and cultivate the seed of Shree Madbhagwad Geta. Today we all are too far from the knowledge of Shree Madbhagwad Geta. Due to this, the world is surviving from the chaos, miss conception and the greed. To make the life good and free from all these chaos. We need to devote ourselves completely to Parmeshwra, recite and take in the knowledge from the Shree Madbhagwad Geta and Bharamvidya Shashtra.
There is a well explained sentence from one of the Great Saint of Jai Krishni Pantha “गरुड़ पक्षी आकाश में ऊँचा उड़ता है, परंतु अन्य पक्षी यदि गुरुड़ पक्षी की तरह ऊँचे आकाश में नहीं उड़ सकते है तो क्या बाकि पक्षी उड़ना छोड़ दें ?” So the message is that everybody must try best according to his power, ability and knowledge to promote and serve the Dharma.
श्री कृष्ण भगवान जी ने श्री मदभगवद गीता में कहा है, आप करम करें, करम के फल के विषेय में न सोचें। दुःख – सुख, यश – अपयश, सफलता – असफलता जीवन के अंग है। अर्थार्थ जीवन के साथ साथ सभ चलता रहता है। रात – दिन, सुबह – शाम संसार का एक अनिवार्य भाग है। जो आपके ना चाहने पर भी आप पर पप्रभाब अवश्य छोड़ेंगे। अतः हमे केवल निःसवार्थ भाव पूर्वक करम करना चाहिए।

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Recalling the name is the way to salvation and the goals of meditation
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During the times, when Sarvadnya Shree Chakradhar Swami Ji was residing in Khudkuli. At the dawn Swami Ji was in meditation portrait, at that moment Nagdev Ji asked the lord “Please give me the way to attain parmeshwar; Give me the process to chant parmeshwar; Give me the way to remember parmeshwar since I don’t have anything to remember the parmeshwar”.
After the hankering urge of Nagdev. Swami Ji said. Contemplation is generated only from the depth of soul. You must remember him every day. Every day you must chant the name. On this, Nagdev Ji asked. How the process should be. How I can learn this. To make the doubt clear, Swami Ji said, Recall the first four names during day and night time, but the fifth name must be recalled all the times.
10 reasons why we meditate 🚩 वेध – Perforation
🚩 बोध – Comprehension
🚩 अनुसरण – Pursuance
🚩 स्मरण – Remembrance
🚩 सभी निग्रहों का परिहार – Avoidance of all constraints
🚩 चरों ओर से आने वाले महद भूतों के कष्टों का निवारण – Redress the suffering of ghosts from all direstions
🚩 बिजली गिरने के समान दुखों का दूर करना – Removal of the restriction like lightning
🚩 सभी प्रकार के आधिदैविक अधिभौतिक एवं आध्यत्मिक विघ्न कष्टों से बचाना – Lord save from the metaphysical, spiritual sufferings of all sorts of obstacles
🚩 सभी प्रकार से सहायता करना – To assist with all types
🚩 और परमेश्वर प्राप्ति करना – And to receive the parmeshwar
With these ways and the goals, you can attain the divine spirit. never forgot the names. While standing, sitting, sleeping, eating, drinking, walking you must recall the names. On this, Mahadaisa asked the Lord. Prabhu ji, we will meditate about you. But, for whom you do meditation. Sarvadnya replied, i do meditation for the welness of all the souls and beside this i do remind about the moment when my Guru Shree Gundam Raul ji slaped me with his love.
चक्रधर स्वामीजी ने कहा इसी प्रकार पञ्च कृष्ण अवतारों के स्मरण के बाद अपने अपने गुरु निमित की भी याद करनी चाहिए। वेध गुरु, उपदेश गुरु, बोध गुरु, शाश्त्र उद्देश्य गुरु, दीक्षा देत गुरु एव अनेक प्रकार के गुरु निमितों को याद करना चाहिए।
नाम स्मरण ही उद्धार है।
नाम स्मरण से ही कल्याण है।
नाम स्मरण ही मोक्ष का आधार है।
Name recall is salvation.
Remember the name for well-being.
Recalling the name is the way to salvation.

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